Our Story

75 Years in the Business


In 1942, LEGERE Industrial Supplies Limited (LISL) started out under the leadership of A. W. Legere. The focus of the business at that time was to provide mill supplies to the war effort based in Ottawa, Canada. The firm expanded quickly and moved to a location at 10 Bayswater Avenue in 1945 where it remained for the next 30 years.

Keeping it in the Family


Following the death of A. W. Legere in 1961, N. D. (Doug) Legere became the manager of the business. As the firm expanded into the general industrial and mill supply business, LISL was joined by brothers W.D. (Don) in 1963 and W. A. (Bill) in 1973. This later date was also the year that saw the necessity to computerize LISL’s operations to keep up with increasing demands in business.

Continued Growth


By 1975, new premises were again required. LISL moved to its location at 1120 Morrison Drive, a 36,000 square foot building.

In addition, LISL’s business interests in the refurbishing and resale of used and new machine tools dictates use of space off-premises.



Now situated at 1140 Morrison Drive, products stocked includes the full range of industrial supplies and equipment from paper towels to modern machining, manufacturing and measuring equipment. These are shipped throughout Eastern Canada, the Arctic, the Northern United States and internationally to customers in all fields of endeavor including hi-tech electronics and government. In addition, LISL’s service includes managing, stocking and shipping the full range of industrial supply requirements for customer companies on a contract basis and/or the repair and maintenance of customer equipment at their facilities.

Legere Industrial is a proud member of Independent Distributors Inc.

Legere Industrial Supplies Ltd.
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Ottawa, Ontario
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