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CT-1118CNC is the NC upgrade from CTL-618EVS manual toolroom lathe. It keeps the original machine’s durability and elegant exterior while automating it with servos and CNC control. With CT-1118CNC’s 2008 redesign, we go even further, the ability to use tailstock and lathe center to perform shaft work is maintained, but more importantly an innovative tool plate design adds the capability to remove the compound tool post and swap in T-slot gang tool slide in its place. The gang tool slide great work with a new complete line-up of tool holders from CYCLEMATIC for gang tool turning. Either traditional lathe tooling setup or gangtool setup are easy to swap out and exchange for the other. Now CT-1118CNC is the ONE CNC toolroom lathe that can bring you TWO different styles of machining capability



  • Guaranteed Circular Accuracy to 50 millionths of an inch

  • Fanuc 0i Mate-TD Controller(standard), Optional with other brands

  • Powerful 3 HP motor (5HP-Optional) with Yaskawa current vector inverter drive for improved torque response at low end

  • Spindle mounted on high precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings

  • Precision ballscrew on X, Z-axes

  • Protection guard on Z-axis ballscrew

  • X, Z-axes feeds driven by AC Servo Motor

  • X, Z-axes ballscrews directly coupled to AC Servo Motor, minimizing backlash


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This 10" Box Way CNC Turning Center features a strong 45° rigid slant bed allowing easy access to all machine parts and excellent chip flow design. The machine headstock utilizes a precision ground spindle which has been assembled to ensure heavy loads and superior finishes. The DL22-LMB's 12-station turret incorporates a high accuracy coupling, with random selection and shortest path indexing reducing idle time, and increasing productivity. 

Standard Package Includes: 

  • 10.4" Color Monitor

  • Manual Guide i 

  • 3,500 rpm Spindle with 10" Chuck

  • Removable Type Tool Pre-setter

  • Auto Parts Catcher

  • Manual Tail Stock (Programmable tailstock starting Dec 2018) 

  • Bar-feeder interface

  • 2 Axial, 1 Radial Live Tool Holders

  • Chip Conveyer

  • Fanuc Two Year Warranty

  • Many great Advanced  Options & Features available!

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