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Cyclematic CTL-618E

CTL-618e toolroom lathe with Digital Threading Control replaces traditional threading gearbox with microprocessor-controlled, servo-driven leadscrew. In the past, when a machinist is faced with a workpiece that calls for thread pitch not supported on a conventional lathe, he has to locate and order a custom gear set and take the time to swap out the gears in the gearbox. This is not economically justifiable unless the volume is large enough. CTL-618e toolroom lathe’s design eliminates this time-consuming workaround. With the new digital threading system, the user’s wishes, when it comes to threading, can be easily and immediately realized.

  • Good for pitch and module turning processing without any gears in gearbox. Easy exchange of inch and metric system, accuracy goes up to three digits after decimal point

  • Digital data shows R.P.M. of spindle and tool infeed to let operator arrange best possible turning process combination

  • Digital data showing electric current for easy checking overload turning

  • Rapid retract function is available for shortened pitch module turning processing time

  • The lead screw is driven directly by servo- motor. Through operation of the interface, a spindle decoder is used to transfer the motion of lead screw to rectilinear one. The L.C.D touch pad showing the data is applied to control

  • Rapidly returning to the origin is executed according to the principle of temporarily coming off the tracking mode

  • Feeding rate per minute of auto feed is calculated with MODBUS communication protocol interior message data of the converter so that user’s cutting precision is available much easily

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